Safety Culture

At Matera Electrical Services safety is everybody’s responsibility. From our Directors to our apprentices, everyone in our team has clearly defined responsibilities to ensure their own safety, and the safety of those around them.

We work in accordance with safe work practices, we act to address identified hazards, we speak up on risks to safety, we look out for ourselves and those about us.

Safety First

2022 Health and Safety Highlights

  1. Winner of the 2022 WA Small Employer of the Year
  2. 5081 SAFE Card Observations completed
  3. Reached over 750,000+ hours without an LTI
  4. 14 Toolbox Talks conducted


staff member looking up and holding a clipboard

0+ hours
worked without an LTI

0 WA Small Employer of the Year

ISO 0 Certified; ISO 0 Certified; & ISO 0 Certified