Safety Leadership

A carefully considered Health, Safety and Environmental System comes with huge positives – it minimises workplace incident rates, improves morale and increases productivity. Lee Clissold has been our dedicated Health and Safety Manager since 2013, and has a wealth of experience in OH & S in commercial construction and the resources sector.

His hands-on approach involves HSE audits and inspections, fortnightly visits to Woodside’s KGP and Pluto facilities, and Toolbox Talks across our metropolitan projects.

Safety First

Positive Initiatives

  1. Engage workers in safety by conducting daily pre-starts
  2. Fortnightly meetings with elected Health & Safety representatives
  3. Commitment to ongoing safety education and training
  4. Delivery of measurable KPI safety objectives and targets
  5. Involving everyone in OH & S – it’s a shared responsibility


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NECA 0/7 Work, Health and Safety finalist

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